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About Coily Hair

CoilyHair.com is a website that showcases my personal journey learning about my natural coily hair texture in the form of a blog, which includes some personal journal entries and hair stories that date as far back as 1999. This website serves as a resource of information that I have gained over the years about my hair texture. There were not as many coily hair resources available back then as there are now, even though today’s resources can still be seen as few and far between. The goal of CoilyHair.com is to be a resource for others in the quest to growing healthy, naturally coily hair!

About Coily Hair

Coily hair is defined as a curly natural hair texture which describes the size of a curl, which can range from pencil size to as small as a pen spring coil. Coily hair texture is most common amongst Africans in the diaspora, meaning people around the world who have ethnic roots in Africa. Coily hair can also be defined as “tightly curled” hair.

Coily hair tends to be delicate and needs to be carefully handled especially when wet. According to Andre’s hair classification system, coily hair qualifies as a “type 4 hair texture,” the curliest type of hair. Type 4 hair can be broken down to three curl types: 4a, 4b, and 4c, with ‘a’ being the largest curl, and ‘c’ being the smallest. Coily hair thrives best with the least amount of manipulation and little to no direct heat.

My hair stats

Texture: type 4b; cottony; ‘o’ curl pattern
Length: Medium, ‘armpit’ length when stretched
Color: dark brown
Thickness: fine, relatively thin but dense
Sheen (not ‘shine’): high when hair is stretched or twisted and when it is well moisturized

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