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ADVICE COLUMN: Chemical texture softeners

Q: Hi, I’ve been natural for almost a year.  My hair is very thick so I was looking for ways to make it more manageable.  So, I put a texture softener in my hair and it ruined it.  Is there anyway to bring it back or must I let it grow out on its own?

A: Thanks for the question and congrats on going natural!  A texture softener sounds like it was a chemical that you put in your hair that altered the state of your coils.  If that’s the case, there isn’t really a way you can restructure the bonds of your hair stands to revert to what it used to be.
The only way would be to grow out your natural hair texture again.  You can do this in a number of different ways such as protective hairstyles.
Ultimately, patience is key ;-)  Happy Growing!

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