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Let me explain what this is and why I believe that it's the best brush to use on naturally coily hair.

PART 3: All About The Loop Hair Brush

Close up image of the loop hair brush

Over the years, I have searched far and wide for a hair brush that would not rip my own natural hair out of my scalp, tear my delicate hair strands or scratch at my scalp upon use.  After years of trying various hair brushes, I finally settled on the Loop Weave Hair Brush as the only brush that I would ever use on my natural hair.  The loop brush has proven to be the most gentle to my natural hair.  My hair stayed on my head and not in my brush.  Let me explain what this brush is and why I believe that it's the best brush to use on naturally tightly coiled hair.

The loop brush was designed for detangling weave hair because, unlike traditional styling brushes, it does not tug at the weave hair weft or plugs.  While a standard styling brush has spokes sticking out of the base of the brush, the spokes of a loop brush loop right back into the base of the brush.  This means that there are no sharp-ended bristles potentially scratching at your scalp.  The brush was also designed in a way that prevents hair from getting snagged at the base of the spokes.

What I used the loop brush for:

  • Pushing my hair back into a bun
  • Smoothing my hairline back into a hairband
  • Dispersing gel or product through my hair
  • Detangling my hair for braiding or twisting
  • Fluffing out my fro
The loop brush is sold by various manufacturers and can be found at beauty supply stores or online.  They range from $5 to $12.  I believe that your fingers are the best "tools" for manipulating your natural coily hair.  But if you must use a brush, I would highly recommend adding this to your staple natural hair tools.

Have you ever used the Tangle Teezer or the Tangle Tamer? If so, how do they compare with this brush? I love the Tangle Tamer because it detangles so quickly and easily, but I'm afraid that it might be damaging my hair.

Coily Queen
Coily Queen

Hi Anna, No, I have not tried either one of those products... but if you have tried it please send me a link of your review if you have one.