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LET’S TALK: Hair Brushes For Naturally Coily Hair


Have you ever wondered if there was a perfect brush for your natural hair?  Are you "newly natural" and realizing that your old hair tools aren't working well with your coily hair?  Well, I was once where you are and know how important it is to get started on the right path when it comes to caring for your natural hair.

I will be doing a 3-part mini series this week on hair brushes as a way to help educate you on the various brushes that I've used on my natural hair.  I personally have slowed down on my brush usage considerably over the years and have taken up my fingers as my styling tool of choice.  I've mentioned in some recent posts about my retreat from the use of brushes.  However, many of you out there may be using brushes or at least experimenting with them and don't know where to start.  I also recognize that one person's experiences can differ from the next person.  Since I never really discussed my experience with the variety of brushes that I've used in the past, I felt that this would be a good time to start.

Now... right off the bat, I will say this:  stay away from vent brushes or any brushes with thin brush spokes.  These types of brushes were designed for straight hair types and are guarantee to snag at your beautiful natural hair.  Because our coily hair is cylindrical by nature, your strands will either wrap around the ball at the end of the spoke, or it will get caught in the base of the brush.  This is a no-no if you want to keep hair on your head!

This review is not advocating the use of hair brushes but simply informing you about some brushes that I've used on my own natural hair.  If you believe that brushes do not work for your hair, then this series is not for you.  I think sharing my experience will hopefully help someone choose the right brush for his or her hair or decide whether or not to use brushes at all.

PART 1:  My Thoughts On The Styling Brush (7/11/2012)

PART 2: The Boar Hair Bristle Brush (7/12/2012)

PART 3:  All About The Loop Hair Brush  (7/13/2012)



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