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The Best Straw Set Ever!


I had the pleasure of styling Anita’s natural/texturized hair in a straw set style.  She wanted to try something new that did not require heat and would give her a different look than her usual fro.   Given her length and texture of her hair, I suggested a straw set.  Her hair length ranged from 2″ to 4″ all around.

The Best Straw Set Ever - BEFOREHer normal fro (pictured above) was not blow dried in any way.

The Best Straw Set Ever - AFTERAnita requested a color job, hence the two colors showing above.

The Best Straw Set Ever - FRONT VIEWThe completed straw set pictured above.

The Straw Set hairstyle naturally fills in as the days progress which results in a slightly different look by the end of the week.  Anita wanted the hair to fill in quickly, so she used a water-based hair moisturizer which helped revert her natural texture a bit and resulted in a low coiled fro.

(The above photo was taken using a camera phone 1 week later.)

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  1. I loved the Straw Set hair style VERY much! I enjoyed it for a little over a week & would have probably been able to ware it a little longer had I not been so volume driven with the water-based hair spray I kept using~ Thank you SO much Bessie! Consider me a regular moving forward ;-)

    One of the things I liked about the straw set hair style is the fact that one can ware it differently (as in slightly different hair styles/looks) as it matures; the look does not grow old, it just stays exciting until you have to comb it out – even then, if you use just your fingers to comb it out, the curls are amazing!

  2. Thanks Anita! I’m so glad you loved it… made for a great new hairstyle
    for you :-D It was fun working with your hair, looking forward to doing it
    again this week ;-)

    *”Your Coily Hair Resource”*

  3. Thanks Beverly!

    *”Your Coily Hair Resource”*

  4. Where are you located?

  5. I’m really all over California, lol, but primarily based in Southern
    California and cover Los Angeles county, Orange county, San Fernando Valley,
    and San Bernardino county.

  6. It looks fantastic!

  7. thats beautiful .looking at it l would have thought it was her natural curl type .l would never thought it was a straw set

  8. Very realistic :-) Thanks Elizabeth!

  9. I recall being tired of relaxers and went to a shop for a straw set and the stylist told me i HAD to get a relaxer for the straw set to look right. hind sight is 20/20. Not that I am 100% natural, i know better and do better. This style is all that and them some. It looks really cute on the girl too!

  10. Thank you for the comment! It’s just simply amazing what we can do with our natural hair.

  11. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO GET MY HAIR COILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IT LOOKS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i tried to do this one time by a “natural hair stylist’ and it came out NOTHING like it…that among other things made me go back to relaxing my hair. :/

    this inspires me though, thanks.

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